BeO ceramic substrate

Beryllium oxide is a kind of white amorphous powder which is not soluble in water. Due to its extremely high melting point and excellent thermal conductivity, it is generally used in microwave high-power electric vacuum devices and microelectronic packaging devices.

Si3N4 ceramic substrate

Silicon nitrides (Si3N4) feature an excellent combination of material properties. They are nearly as light as silicon carbide (SiC), but their microstructure gives them excellent thermal shock resistance and their high fracture toughness makes them resistant to impacts and shocks.

BeO ceramic cruible

High thermal ceramic cruible used for melting the melting of rare metals and precious metals, especially in the requiring high purity metal or alloy, and the working temperature of the crucible of up to 2000°C.customized made inner and outer dimensions available.

beryllia rod,BeO ceramic rod

Beryllia (Beryllium Oxide) Ceramic Rods are generally immediately available in most volumes, including bulk quantities. As a thermally conductive and electrically insulating material, its performance is exceeded only by that of the diamond.

metalized si3n4 ceramic

Silicon Nitrides (Si3N4) Feature An Excellent Combination Of Material Properties. They Are Nearly As Light As Silicon Carbide (SiC), But Their Microstructure Gives Them Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance And Their High Fracture Toughness Makes Them Resistant To Impacts And Shocks.

Boron Nitride Ceramics

Boron nitride ceramic materials have excellent machinability and can be machined to complex shapes with very tight tolerances as required.

Metallized BeO ceramic

Beryllium oxide is a high thermal conductivity insulating material with excellent performance. It has low high frequency loss and is the material of choice for manufacturing high-power energy transmission windows and high-power traveling wave tube spiral wire clamping rods, and is also widely used as heat sink material for high-power semiconductor devices, ceramic substrates for integrated circuits and packaging shells for electric vacuum devices.

Beryllia oxide ceramic cylinder

Beryllium oxide (BeO) ceramic cylinders are a type of ceramic product made from high-purity beryllia. They are used for a wide range of applications that require high thermal conductivity, high strength, and good electrical insulation.