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Coraynic Technology Limited established in Dec 2018, is a professional advanced ceramic materials supplier in China. a reliable beryllium oxide ceramics, BeO ceramic substrate manufacturer representative, BeO ceramic rod, high thermal conductivity beryllium ceramic crucible.Si3N4 ceramic substrate, Al2O3 ceramics.In the base of state-owned enterprise, government military background company, high technology research institute of China electronics technology.With more than 50 professional employees in ceramic and electronics Engineering&Technology.Equipped with advanced analyzing instruments and test facilities, such as thermal conductivity meter, laser particle analyzer, Universal tool microscope, ICP Plasma spectrometer, Intensity test meter, rough meter, etc.

Beryllium oxide ceramics (BeO) have high thermal conductivity, high melting point (2530 t10℃), high strength, high insulation, high chemical, and thermal stability, low valence constant, low dielectric loss, and good process adaptability, which are widely used in special metallurgy, vacuum electronics, nuclear technology, microelectronics, and optoelectronics. Especially in high-power semiconductor devices, integrated circuits, microblogging vacuum devices, and nuclear reactors, BeO ceramics is the mainstream ceramic material for the preparation of high thermal conductivity components.

Coraynic produces high purity, high thermal conductivity, low loss, uniform crystal structure beryllium oxide ceramics, Boron Nitride ceramics, Alumina ceramics, and other advanced special ceramics.

The key indexes have reached the domestic leading level, some indexes have reached the international advanced level, and some products are gradually breaking the situation of complete dependence on imports for domestic cutting-edge applications.

The team is devoted to developing advanced ceramics and components made in China. Which are encouraged and supported by the nation. A series of high-tech enterprises with complete systems of raw materials, sintering, processing, and assembly, integrating scientific research, production, operation, and service.

Quality is the first

Advanced production equipment and testing equipment. Especially focus on the quality of products, from the procurement of raw materials, product production, testing, sales, and after-sales service in all aspects, are strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality standards, adhere to the implementation of the “quality of the brand, to promote the development of science and technology” quality policy, the implementation of comprehensive quality control, product performance and quality by the user’s The performance and quality of the products are recognized and praised by the users.
We also have the spirit and ability of continuous innovation and can develop and produce products according to the different demands of customers. Coraynic is willing to provide quality products and good service for each user.

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