Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic parts PBN ceramic supplier

I. Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic substrate Product Overview.
The current conventional insulating materials have disadvantages such as not high temperature resistant, low purity, releasing gas at high temperatures, poor toughness, not insulating at high temperatures, easy to be corroded, etc. PBN insulating board can solve these problems.
Second, the main features.
1. maximum resistance to 2300℃ in vacuum and 2700℃ in ammonia atmosphere.
2. high purity, no release of gaseous impurities at high temperatures (>99.99%)
3. good toughness (similar to the hexagonal structure of graphite)
4. good high-temperature insulation (volume resistance coefficient of 3.11 × 1011 Ω-cm)
5. strong chemical inertness, and resistance to corrosion by acids, alkalis, salts and organic solvents.
6. low thermal conductivity in the c-direction, able to block heat conduction downward and reduce heat loss
Three, product applications.
Used in vacuum, high temperature, MBE equipment and other fields of insulation pad, gasket, bracket, etc.

I.Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic ring Product Overview.
PBN insulation rings/sheets are often used as insulation parts in high vacuum and high-temperature environments for their excellent high-temperature electrical insulation properties and ultra-high purity.
II. Main features.
1. High purity (>99.999%)
2. No gas release under high temperature
3. High dielectric strength, high resistivity
4. High bending strength
5. Easy processing, high precision
Three, product applications.
Used in OLED, CIGS, semiconductors and other vacuum, high-temperature field of insulation sheet, ring, support, etc.

I. Pyrolytic boron nitride ceramic crucible Product Overview.
OLED crucible is a class of PBN crucible applied in OLED and CIGS vapor deposition technology. With its ultra-high purity, chemical inertness, excellent high-temperature resistance and high temperature stability, it is widely used in metal and semiconductor vapor deposition.
II. Main features.
1. high purity (>99.999%)
2. high density (>2.12g/cm3)
3. no gas release at high temperature
4. uniform thickness and good heating consistency
5. excellent thermal conductivity and thermal shock resistance
6. high interlayer strength, easy to clean, and repeated use
7. chemically inert, no reaction with acid, alkali, salt, and organic solvent at high temperature
III. Product Applications
On OLED, CIGS evaporation machine, the main container of evaporation source.