Legal Rap: Above the Law and More

Yo, let’s talk about the legal game
In India, a high court lawyer makes money and fame
With a high court lawyer salary in India, they’re living large
But they gotta stay sharp, you know it’s a legal charge
Equity as a principle, it’s the foundation
Of international law, no need for translation
Now let’s switch gears to the land of Ohio
Legal blade length, gotta keep it low
Legal blade length Ohio, it’s the law of the land
Don’t wanna mess around, better understand
Now we’re talking about the music industry scene
Above the law rap, it’s not just a dream
It’s real life, got legal issues to handle
A memorandum of agreement, yeah it’s not a scandal
But does it need to be notarized? That’s the question at hand
Gotta talk to a lawyer, get a legal stand
LLC in Florida, you need an operating agreement
Operating agreement LLC Florida PDF, yeah, you gotta cement it
Now let’s change lanes to the world of health
MS centers, they’re bringing wealth
MS center for legal services, they got your back
Fighting for your rights, never falling through the crack
Syndicate agreements, it’s a legal form
Syndicate agreement form, got to keep it warm
Last but not least, we got Mississippi on the line
The legal age of consent Mississippi, it’s a sign
Got to know the laws, stay out of trouble
Consult a representante legal, keep it subtle