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Aluminum Nitride(AlN) is a covalent bond compound, atomic crystal, a diamond-like nitrate, hexagonal crystal system, non-toxic, white or gray-white, theoretic bulk density 3.26g/cm3.

Aluminum nitride has the highest thermal conductivity of any ceramic material, on a par with most metals; however, it also provides electrical insulation. This makes it the top-of-the-range choice for the most demanding of heat sink applications.
AlN ceramic has the following properties:
(1)High thermal conductivity  (280W/m.K)
(2)High electricity resistance
(3)Low coefficient of heat expansion(4.5X10-6ºC)Good march with Si(3.5~4×10-6ºC) and GaAs(6×10-6ºC)
(4)Excellent electricity properties(Dielectric constant, dielectric loss, bulk resistivity, dielectric strength).
(5)Good mechanic properties
(6)Excellent corrosion resistance
(7) Good optical transmission property

AlN ceramic has become an ideal material for heat radiation and package in industries of large scale IC, semiconductor module, high power IC and high power components, been widely utilized in HBLED, UVLED, high power IC, power module, RF/microwave communication, automotive, microelectronic semiconductor, image transmission.
High-power LED package
Due to AlN high thermal conductivity, bending strength, low bulk density, low dielectric constant, the non-toxic and similar coefficient of heat expansion to Si, AlN ceramics will replace traditional materials for high power LED substrates, becoming a preferred material for the substrate.
1) High Brightness LED (HBLED): Products with high power but small sizes such as heat radiation base and frame for LED, LED headlight for automotive, tube core of LED, etc.

With the trend to produce LED with higher efficiency and higher power, it becomes critical to source new materials which have better heat radiation capability. AlN ceramic is an optimal option!

θPower module
With high thermal conductivity, high electrical resistance, excellent electricity properties (Dielectric constant, dielectric loss, bulk resistivity, dielectric strength), AlN ceramics are widely applied to large scale IC packages, silicon controlled rectifiers, high-speed conversion module, audio frequency, and microwave power amplifier, photo-electron IC module, IGBT module, etc. Power modules with the AlN package have been utilized in areas such as high-speed rail, new energy automotive, rail transit, solar energy electricity generation, wind power generation, energy storage of power system, smart grid, etc.
Core technologies of new energy automotive include power battery, motor, and control system. A lot of IGBT has to be applied to its control system, for instance, motor control system, air-conditioning control system, battery charging system, etc. As one of the core components, IGBT plays a very important role in the new energy automotive industry.
Smart grid and energy internet require IGBT extensively for flexible AC transmission, flexible HVDC, smart transmission, new energy access, etc.
RF/Microwave communication
RF components are essential and vital components for telecommunication equipment. Because of good thermal conductivity, reliable insulative, low dielectric constant and insertion loss, low thermal coefficient of expansion, AlN ceramics is becoming an ideal material for RF/microwave communication industries, having a solid market currently and huge potential in the future.

It is stable up to 1000C (1800°F) in air and 1900C (3450°F) in inert atmospheres. The thermal expansion coefficient is lower than that of common heat sink materials such as aluminum and alumina. The thermal expansion coefficient is a close match to the expansion of common semiconductor substrate materials, making it ideal for the mounting of large semiconductor devices.
Aluminum Nitride is the very best ceramic commercially available for heat sink applications. It is often used in microelectronics, lighting, power, optics, and the ever-growing field of renewable energy.