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Boron nitride ceramics have excellent high-temperature resistance, the operating temperature under vacuum is 1800 degrees, and the operating temperature under atmosphere protection is 2100 degrees. Boron nitride ceramics have high thermal conductivity, and strong thermal shock resistance, and will not crack when quenched at 1500 degrees.

Boron nitride ceramics do not react and bond with many metals, ceramics, rare earths and other materials.
It has good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, excellent thermal shock resistance and chemical stability, and good moisture resistance to molten metal, slag, and glass. Boron nitride ceramics are resistant to acid and alkali corrosion,
It has strong electrical insulation, and its resistance to electrical breakdown is 3–4 times that of alumina.

Application of boron nitride ceramics:

-Various components for semiconductor manufacturing equipment

– Metal/glass release/corrosion resistant material

-Electronic component assembly jig