Beryllia oxide ceramic metallization, BeO ceramic with MoMn metalized, insolation ceramic ,99.5% BeO

material: BeO:99.5%   Al2O3: 0.18%   SiO2: 0.13%  Other: 0.19%

thermal conductivity:310 W/m.k   dielectric constant:6.9 at 1Mhz    

thermal expansion coefficient:9.2*10-6/℃        

density:3.05 g/cm3  

pressureless sintering temperature:1750deg c      

hardness: >HRA86       compressure strength:>350 Mpa  

volume resistance:> 1014      

dielectric breakdown strength:25 Kv/mm     flatness:< 0.035          

metallization material: MoMn

MoMn thickness:15-38um       Ni plating thickness: 2-10um         


Beryllium oxide ceramic metallization products, good solderability, high average tensile strength of nickel plated layer, and the optimal sintering temperature is lower than 1550°C, which reduces the influence of high temperature sintering on the performance of beryllium oxide ceramic matrix, improves the thickness of single sintered metallization layer, and makes it possible to increase the thickness of metal layer by multiple sintering, and saves energy.

Beryllium oxide ceramics have been an important part of electronic devices supporting in national defense equipment. In the selection of structural materials for the production of electronic components, with the development of electronic components to high-power and miniaturization, beryllium oxide ceramics are widely used in military communications, telemetry, electronic countermeasures, optoelectronic technology and other fields because of good thermal conductivity, high flexural strength, low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, high insulation performance and can be welded and sealed with metal, and become an important raw material indispensable for the production of microelectronic devices (thick, thin film Circuit, high-power semiconductor devices), optoelectronic devices (infrared detection, imaging) production of indispensable and important raw materials.
In microelectronic devices due to the increasing frequency of the device, and the more power to do more and more, and therefore the heat dissipation of the chip is increasingly becoming a technical key, one of the solutions to the problem is to use a high thermal conductivity of beryllium oxide ceramic metallization products. After metallization of beryllium oxide ceramic substrate, porcelain cylinder itself beryllium oxide material excellent characteristics have not changed, while giving the beryllium oxide ceramic and metal for welding, sealing characteristics, making the ceramic from the basic material into a device that can make full use of its special properties. Metallized beryllium oxide ceramics for electronic devices are increasing dramatically, and radar phase shifters, T/R components, high-power phase-free anti-chen radar devices above X-band have been included in key special projects as core electronic devices, and they have put forward higher requirements on the electrical properties, consistency and reliability of metallized beryllium oxide ceramics.

BeO Beryllium oxide metallized ceramics